The Valencian Community will subsidize the purchase of bicycles with up to 250 euros

"It is necessary to advance in" the construction of a new reality "

As reported the country, the Valencian Community will subsidize the purchase of bicycles and scooters with up to 250 euros in order to promote the use of sustainable individual vehicles

«One of the basic questions that the pandemic has brought us is how to solve the great difficulties in mobility", Said Ximo Puig after a telematic meeting with the Valencian Mobility Councilor,

"Progress must be made in" the construction of a new reality "

Puig has stressed that, in addition to support public transport, progress must be made in «the construction of a new reality », in which the city is "greener and more sustainable".

Along with the proposal for the implementation of a car park renovation plan that the Generalitat has made to the Government of Spain, the incentives for bicycles and scooters.

The aid line, which has a investment of 500.000 euros and is aimed at residents in the community, will support the acquisition of conventional urban bicycles, electric bicycles, electric mobility vehiclesd staff (scooters) and  bicycle electrification kits in establishments and shops based in the Valencian Community that adhere to the plan.

The planned aid is up to 250 euros in the case of electric bicycles (the amount of which cannot exceed 1.400 euros), 75 euros for non-electrified (whose maximum price will be 500 euros) and 75 euros for electric scooters (whose cost may not exceed 450 euros).

The Valencian Bicycle Office is born

The Valencian Bicycle Office is also created, which born «with a vocation of permanence beyond this crisis«, Has pointed out the Minister Arcadi Spain, and that he will concentrate initiatives to promote the use of bicycles and personal mobility vehicles.

Once the establishment has been selected, and the purchase vehicle has been selected, applicants must fill out the necessary documentation on the premises and once the request has been accredited and approved, they will be able to benefit from the aid at the time of purchase, which will be discounted from the price of sale.

The Generalitat will also prepare itineraries for daily mobility in the metropolitan areas of Valencia, Castellón and Alicante-Elche through tactical urban planning.

In the last five years, the bicycle has established itself in the large Valencian capitals as an alternative mode of transport to the car.

In the city of Valencia, which has 156 kilometers of bicycle lanes, the policies of creating new cycling routes and pedestrianization of streets and squares have taken hold.

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