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Got the first step #porunaleyjusta. Congress passes the law that redoubles the punishment of the perpetrators of abuses

All groups vote in favor of the reform of the Penal Code proposed by the victim of a cyclist

According to EFE agency, the reform of the Penal Code driven Anna González, the widow of the cyclist Óscar Bautista, has given this Wednesday the first step to become reality, to be admitted to process unanimously for the plenum of the Deputies.

Fleeing from the accident site and having a disaster with alcohol, drugs or speeding will be considered crimes, while the abuse of a group of cyclists or pedestrians can lead to up to nine years in prison.

As Anna recognized, she picked up 200.000 signatures in her campaign #byunaleyjust, the road is still long. The proposed law, presented by the PP, has yet to go through the justice commission and then return to the full. During these procedures it is possible that the reform looks more like an original proposal, according to those said by the spokespersons of the PSOE, United We Can and Citizens.

"There is a lot to modify. It's a law taken out on the run. We will have to work hard to make the law the 'Anna González law', and even go further, "said Irene Rivera, deputy for Citizens.

New crime

On the flight from the accident site there will be no discussion. The proposition creates a new crime, punished with between six months and four years in prison to drivers involved in traffic accidents resulting in death that they escape from the place of events.

In the current legislation, leaks are sanctioned in theory by the so-called crime of omission of the duty of relief, but when the death of the victim is instantaneous, the escape goes unpunished because the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court has established that there is no obligation to assist a victim has died once. That's what happened with the truck driver who ran over Óscar. He remained unpunished despite leaving the victim lying in the ditch.

The point that generates discrepancies is the proposal to recover minor faults in the Penal Code for imprudence at the wheel. The reform is very short because only when the culprit of the accident drives under the effects of drugs, alcohol or speeding established as crimes in the Penal Code, will be considered to have committed a serious imprudence resulting in death and for Both could be punished with up to four years in prison, but mild negligence would not be penalized.

Protect the victims

The spokesman of the PP, Pablo Matos, has been open to negotiate improvements but has warned that recovering the faults would only serve so that the victims could have a "criminal process", which is "more agile, safe, cheap and garantista", that the civil which are now doomed. For that, Matos assured, he will have to do what is to ensure that the civil process meets these requirements.

González, who has attended the debate "satisfied" with the admission to process and has been optimistic that the issue of minor faults in the reform also be included after listening to the rest of the parliamentary groups.

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