An individual time trial, the first competition after the unconfinement

The test, which still has no date, will be attended by the cyclist Miguel Indurain

The first sports competition after the lack of confidence will be a individual time scalel of Mountain Bike organized by Lastlap

The test, which still has no date, will be attended by the cyclist Miguel Indurain, c.When possible celebrate it.

Adapting to the situation

 The organizing company of events such as San Silvestre Vallecana, Red Bull XFighters, Revoluiton On Ice or Festibike, has designed a competition fully adapted to the new normal, an individual mountain bike time-trial in which to participate you will have to make an appointment.

How will it be disputed?

On the one hand, there will be a neutralized test that will be done in groups of 5 runners and with a closed schedule.

On the other hand there will be the coronoescalada, where there will be an individual exit every minute respecting the strict schedule provided by the organization.

In the goal, the organization will offer each participant liquid supplies and will invite them to leave this arrival area to avoid unnecessary crowds. Access to this finish area will not be allowed to anyone outside the organization.

You can pre-register

Although the test does not have open registrations since the date is unknown, it does allow pre-registration on its website

Will be disputed when the first controlled events are allowed

The time trial will be held in the phase in which the government authorizes the first controlled events and it will have a format and dynamics that allow participate without crowds, one by one and respecting the minimum interpersonal distance.

In the words of its creator, Guillermo de Portugal: “This is a competition in which we will comply with all the restrictions proposed by the authorities, each runner will have a departure time, reserved in advance, and there will be no physical contact.

At Last Lap, supporting the runners has always been a priority and this event will be for many the expected return to competition.".

Before you can do it virtually

But before the time comes to take the bike out onto the street and put on the bib, RESET has organized a virtual event.

All those who want to test the route of the time trial will be able to do so in the BKool digital platform, where a tour identical to that of Valdemorillo has been created.

 In this context, a digital competition has also been raised, “VIRTUAL RESET“, which will be held next Sunday, May 3, at 16:XNUMX p.m.

In this test the seven best mountain bikers in the country: the six hopefuls to win the two places for the next Olympic Games in Tokyo and a 'wild card'.

The seven runners will participate virtually in a tour with a identical distance and unevenness, to which will be held in the RESET test.

It will be one 5,5 km time trial by road in good condition with a Average slope of 5% and ramps that reach a maximum drop of 20% in the first section of the feared “Madrid Mortirolo”.

Further information:

There are no previous results.

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