The DGT is committed to using the bicycle as a means of transport to avoid infections

It is encouraging individual transport and the bicycle is ideal to move around the city to work

Now that, in our country, the total confinement of the population has been lifted, allowing sectors such as industry and construction to return to work, we must  avoid increasing cases of new infectionsThat is why the DGT have called for the use of the bicycle as a means of transport these days.

In a published tweet, they specify that it is not for sports use, only as a means of transport

«The intention is simply to promote the use of the bike as a commuting vehicle these days as well.

Not a sport use, obviously, nor masculine or feminine. Only use of the bike. "

Transportation to work guidelines

In addition, it has given a series of guidelines to follow for trips to work centers.

  • Either option is valid if the minimum distance of two meters.
  • If the public transport, always with a mask.
  • The mask is not mandatory for transfers on foot, bicycle or motorcycle
  • Whenever possible,  better to travel by private vehicle individually.
  • If you share a car to go to work, they can travel maximum three people, one per row, and all of them must wear a mask

The mask on the bike or on foot is not mandatory but it is recommended

Although the DGT indicates that it is not mandatory to wear the mask in bicycle transport.

From Triathlon News, we recommend its use, since this will avoid spreading the virus. Although it is a hassle to wear, doing so can save many lives.

The recommendation to use the bicycle is a step, which could be extended in the future, if it is found to be a useful method of transportation and that it prevents contagion.

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