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Two cyclists from 63 and 75 years run over by a driver who has tested positive for drugs

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We continue with the bad news about the safety of cyclists, since yesterday 2 veteran cyclists have been hit by a driver who has tested positive for drugs

Yesterday morning a vehicle has run over two cyclists on the N-634, at the height of the town of Lurreta, where the driver has tested positive for drug use, according to the Durangon newspaper. The driver, a young man of 24, had not respected the safety distance and has run over the cyclists.

The cyclists, 63 and 75 years old, have been seriously injured and were taken to Galdakao hospital.

From Triathlon News we work to try to raise awareness among cyclists and drivers trying to raise awareness of good behavior and regulations to avoid these tragic news. Then we leave you a series of links where various scenarios are shown and how to act before them

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