Two professional cyclists are run over in less than 24 hours

Ruben Guerreiro and Valerio Conti suffer clavicle injuries.

In less than 24 hours professional cycling has seen how dcyclists have suffered accidents while training. Both have suffered a clavicle injury.

On the one hand, it has been Ruben guerreiro, from Education First and winner of the mountain in the Giro,

«I was training with some friends when, inside Vendas Novas, an oncoming car turned left without respecting the highway code, making the crash inevitable.

I do not know if the driver did not notice our presence, or if she thought that everything would be fine, but the truth is that the accident happened and she was the culprit".

Guerreiro suffers a clavicle fracture that forced him to undergo surgery.

On Sunday Valerio Conti of Team Emirates was the one who suffered an accident in Monaco colliding with a motorcycle and being thrown against a wall. The motorist fled and Conti was helped by another cyclist in the area.

He has also suffered a clavicle injury, although it will not have to be operated on.

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