Egan Bernal talks about the origin of his back pain

"Pain is really something very old, last year during the Tour that I won"

The Colombian Egan BernHe had to withdraw from the 2020 Tour de France due to back discomfort.

His body already warned him, when in the important stages of the Tour he could not perform at the level expected losing up to 27 minutes in a stage regarding the winner.

In statements collected by  Brand, Bernal explains what happened:

"I feel good, it is a somewhat complicated injury, but we are working very hard to be at the level that I should be next year. 

With the whole team of doctors we were watching, doing many tests and trying to find out where that pain comes from“, explained the cyclist in Señal Colombia during the transmission of the Tour of Colombia.

“During the quarantine, so many hours on the roller and then going from zero to the intensity of the races in France before the Tour, I think that caused the nerve that is puncturing a disc in the vertebra to get a little irritated and well That's where the pain comes from." said a Bernal who knew that back pain was already present before starting the Tour de France.

Also, this back pain is a problem that has dragged on since he started riding a bike:

“The pain is really something very old, last year during the Tour that I won, the first year that I rode the Tour and since when I was riding Mountain Bike, I had always had pain there.".

Egan is already working out in the gym

On his Instagram account, Egan is already showing that he is working out on the gym, a sign that he is on the right track


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