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The cyclist Egan Bernal does a workout of 275.48 Km with 2.187m of unevenness at an average of almost 40 km / h

He is preparing the Tour de France conscientiously

A curious fact that Iberobike has published about the Colombian Team Ineos cyclist Egan Bernal, about a publication of yours in Strava with preparatory training for the Tour de France.

Egan Bernal had prepared to fight for everything in the last Giro d'Italia, but unfortunately suffered a fall in Andorra while training and fractured clavicle missing the Italian date.

Now he is training again for his next goal, the Tour de France, where he will start with his teammates. Chris Froome y Geraint Thomas.

The training of controversy

After completing one of his preparatory workouts for the Tour de France, Egan Bernal hung on the platform Strava all the work done during the hard day of cycling through Colombian lands.

Morning ride Egan Bernal
Morning ride Egan Bernal

You can check the following link on full training

The data of the «morning ride» on Strava by Egan Bernal impress as it covered 275.48 km with a 2.187m drop at an average of almost 40 km / h. These data gave rise to a cyclist «gathering» with all kinds of conjectures by cycling amateurs and professionals.

The first conclusion that was reached is that these data had to be with a high quality grotto or trasmoto, according to @iocoppino »It has to be with a group or trasmoto. If I don't see it exaggerated «

@juanserveros shed a little more light, contributing technical data to the discussion »A silly thing to go off track in power Z2, that only occurs to someone who has no idea of ​​training 40Km / h with that power, with that unevenness, with those teams and accessories and with the weight of Egan it is normal «

The truth is that for any "amateur" cyclist these data are unattainable, but Egan Bernal is called to be a cycling star, and as such he wanted to settle the controversy over his data on Strava with a simple tweet that made everything clear.

The cyclist Egan Bernal does a workout of 275.48 Km with 2.187m of unevenness at an average of almost 40 km / h


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