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The fastest cyclist in history, rolling at 280 km / hour

He has done it on a bike designed for the occasion

The British Neil Campbell has achieved the world speed record reaching a speed of 280 km / h in the airfield of Elvington (Yorkshire).

Neil Campbell has set the new world speed record on a bike specially designed for the occasion and equipped with a parachute and with the help of a large displacement sports car, a Porsche Cayenne which put him at a speed of 177 km / hour to later release and roll without help.

The bike you have used was specifically designed to reach these great speeds

The Briton pulverized the old Fred Rompelberg brand established at 1995 in Utah (United States) that was at 268 km / h. In this same place, Campbell plans to improve himself in the future. Together with his team, he aspires to reach 350 kilometers per hour next year.

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