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The Tour de France expels Tony Martin and Luke Rowe for a hitch in full stage

The two runners had a hitch in the Col de la Sentinelle, the last port of the day.

The organization of Tour de Francia has made a drastic decision by expelling the riders Tony Martin, from Jumbo-Visma, and Luke Rowe, of Ineos due to a collision that occurred during the seventeenth stage.

Both riders were marching in the peloton, which reached the finish line more than 20 minutes from the winner of the Trentin stage, when they had a hitch in the Col de la Sentinelle, the last port of the day.

Tony Martin, four-time world champion in time trial, set the pace with his teammates and suddenly changed directions to block Luke Rowe, who tried to win positions.

The British played down the incident after crossing the finish line, because he assured that “we both had the same role, doing the same job. It was nothing really. I missed the line he was drawing, but it's all good, we shook hands. We got into each other's way, things that happen in races, but everything is fine. ” as reported by the web for 20 minutes.

Despite the explanations, the organization was blunt in the face of this type of attitudes that it considers detracts from the image of the French round and cycling itself.

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