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The penalties for omission of relief in an accident will be hardened

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The Minister of Justice has committed to find the necessary consensus between political parties to carry out a reform of the Criminal Code.

As reported OK Diary The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, has pledged this Monday to find the necessary consensus between political parties to carry out a reform of the Penal Code that toughen homicides by recklessness and the omission of relief in traffic accidents.

So he has transferred it to Anna González, who lost her husband in 2013 after being run over with a bicycle by a truck and running away from the driver and who has been leading the "For a just law" initiative for three years, to undertake such reform of the Penal Code, as underlined the promoter after the meeting held today at the Ministry of Justice.

In this meeting the cyclist has also participated Alberto counter and representatives of the Spanish Federation of Triathlon and the Spanish Cycling Federation, that support the cause that González leads.

Anna González, leader of the initiative, has asked the minister as quickly as possible to undertake such reform, since "time is lost" and every time there is "more unprotected victims".

However, González has told him that since the initiative "For a just law" they will continue to seek consent between the political parties.

In March, 2017 González led Congress 200.000 firms to ask the parties for this reform, a bill that was finally presented by the popular group in September of the same year and whose consideration was approved with the support of 337 deputies.

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González urges parties to promote the modification of Article 142 of the Criminal Code, which regulates homicide for imprudence, and the 195, which contemplates the omission of duty of relief.

On the first one, González asks for changes so that they go to trial all fatal accidents or with the result of injuries when there has been a more serious or minor recklessness on the part of the driver, with the objective that the abuses of this type cease to be resolved by civil means.

According to the omission of relief, it demands that this duty be recovered in legislation and, therefore, that a person who abandons another, even if he or she has already died, has a criminal reproach.

Dolores Delgado has moved to Gonzalez who supports the points of the reform of the Criminal Code and has also commented on the possibility of "training prosecutors and judges in road accidents so that everyone is prepared to care for the victims."

Cyclist Alberto Contador has been "optimistic" after the meeting with the Ministry and has indicated that it is a "social problem" that exceeds the practice of cycling and needs a urgent solution so that victims do not remain unprotected.

In statements to the media, after the press conference, the socialist deputy Pablo Bellido is committed to seek the necessary consensus in the Congress of Deputies to collect in law form the initiative of Anna González.

And he pointed out that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has urged the socialist parliamentary group to align itself with the position of González and his campaign, "because what he defends is Justice".


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