These are the grants for the purchase of bikes and electric scooters in Madrid and Valencia

The OCU has compiled the aid that can be received in each community.

Regional governments are trying to promote the use of bicycles or electric scooters for urban mobility that is more respectful of the environment, as are the examples of the Community of Madrid and the Community of Valencia

The OCU has published the aid that can be received in each community.

Bicycle aid Valencian Community

It has entered into force this past June 22 for all people residing in this community.

This aid is discounted from the retail price and is a direct discount in the store.

The amounts vary, are as follows

  •  Up to 250 euros for an electric bike (the amount of the electric bike cannot exceed 1.400 euros).
  • Up to 200 euros in aid to buy bicycle electrification kits (the amount of which cannot exceed 600 euros).
  • Up to 150 euros for bicycles with cargo elements for transporting children (the amount of which cannot exceed 700 euros).
  • Up to 75 euros for normal bicycles (with a maximum amount of 500 euros).
  • Up to 75 euros for electric scooters (less than 450 euros).

Bicycle grants Community of Madrid

The Community of Madrid has approved a subsidy plan for the acquisition of zero emission electric vehicles for personal mobility whose budget for this year is 2,5 million euros and for the year 2021 it will be 3 million euros

In this way, direct aid will be granted to residents in the community for the purchase of scooters, motorcycles or electric bicycles.

The amount will vary depending on the type of vehicle. However, in no case may it exceed 50% of the sale price.

  • Up to 150 euros for electric scooters.
  • Up to 500 euros for electric bicycles.
  • Up to 600 euros for electric mopeds.
  • Up to 750 euros for electric motorcycles.


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