These are the positions prohibited by the UCI

They will enter into force on April 1

This coming April 1 is the date on which the new regulations that the International Cycling Union has designed to ensure the safety of cyclists will come into force.

In TN, we have already published some of them such as prohibition of Aero poses and from rodar with your elbows on the handlebars.

The UCI has published a guide called RIDER SAFETY NEW REGULATIONS IN 2021 with the definitive measures that will be applied on April 1

This guide has been designed for professionals in the sector, organizers, teams, rollers etc. and details the new measures that have been talked about in recent weeks

The UCI also recalls that the measures of the document have been agreed by representatives of organizers, teams and riders.

The document talks about security measures:

  • Barriers or fence in carrear
  • Target area
  • Installation of intermediate arches
  • Vehicles in the race
  • How to throw objects, supplies,
  • Forbidden postures
  • Sanctions

UCI Stockings 2021

These are some of the images that summarize the document

Forbidden postures

Throw objects

Target area

Finish zone allowed 2021 UCI
Finish zone allowed 2021 UCI


UCI sanctions 2021
UCI sanctions 2021

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