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Everesting Challenge Morcuera. 2 cyclists climb 15 times the port of Morcuera, matching the height of Everest

15 ascents to Puerto de la Morcuera are equivalent to ascending the height of Mount Everest 8.848 m of unevenness.

Raúl García and José Antonio Arribas, amateur cyclists from Madrid and monitors from the Miraflores Municipal Pavilion set the personal challenge of get on the 15 road bike in a row the Puerto de la Morcuera, this madness was called Everesting Challenge Morcuera.

These 15 ascents to Puerto de la Morcuera equivalent to ascending the height of Mount Everest, that is to say 8.848 m of unevenness.

East idea came from these fans when the port of La Morcuera burned in order to raise funds to reforest the area.

They had the support of the Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid) Sports Department, which decided to make this fundraising event in a fun-festive day

The two cyclists left at 6 in the morning and completed in almost 18 hours the 15 uploaded to the port. They had planned to do it in 16 hours, but due to the amount of public that awaited them, they were delayed several times, but increasingly motivated.

We leave you the interview that they did in Onda Cero Madrid Norte


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