The ex-president of the UCI, proposes to make 3 great laps of 2 weeks.

He proposes to do the Tour in July, the Tour in September and the Tour of October

With the cancellation of the Giro d'Italia, the International Cycling Union is looking for ways to integrate this cycling event into its calendar.

A complicated thing, since seeing the amount of professional tests that there is all over the world would be very difficult to add a 3 week trial.

Therefore, the former president of the UCI, Brian Cookson, seeing this situation, he has proposed an initiative on twitter so that they can celebrate the big 3 laps, But shortening them to 2 weeks Competition

The Tour in July, the Tour in September and the Tour of October

Cookson proposes a Tour de Francia cut to two weeks in late July that would leave room for a Giro of Italia of the same duration in September wearing the Back to Spain a month of October, also over two weeks.

Likewise, he does not rule out that the entire season is already lost and finished since, to resume it, "there has to be a significant improvement in the health situation in France, Spain and Italy, something of which for now there are no signs".

The proposed Brian Cookson

1. ASO are at present apparently saying the Tour could take place on the planned dates but without start villages, publicity caravan, etc.

I'll be very surprised if that happens, given the situation in France at the moment. But if things do improve sufficiently then…

2. here are my suggestions. Perhaps if the Olympics are delayed to October or even postponed to 2021, that would give more space in the calendar for a shortened TdF to take place, maybe late July or August. A two week TdF would then leave room for a delayed 2 week Turn in…

3. September and a similar 2 week Return in October. Postponed lesser Spring Classics could take place in the midweeks, maybe even at the same time as the Grand Tours, with postponed Monuments (M-SR, LBL, RVV, PR) slotting into intermediate weekends. But it all depends on….

4. a major improvement in the health situation in France, Italy and Spain. Which there is no sign of just yet. If not, the whole season could well be lost. Apologies if these Tweets don't all read together. Just a quick cut and paste of a few thoughts.

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