A cyclist dies when being hit by a car whose driver tested positive for drugs

The first hypotheses point to speeding

As reported by Seville newspaper, a natural cyclist from Carmona died early this past Friday on the A-499 road, between the municipalities of Villablanca, Ayamonte and Isla Cristina, after having been overwhelmed by a tourism cuyo Driver has tested positive for drugs.

This has been confirmed by health sources and the Andalusia 112 Emergency service, who have specified that the accident took place at kilometer 3 of the aforementioned road, and that the single emergency telephone number 112 received the warning at 9:30.

Firefighters from the Provincial Fire Fighting Consortium, Civil Guard of Traffic and health and medical vehicles of the Public Health Emergencies Company and the network of Urgent Health Transport of the Province of Huelva have been transferred to the scene of the accident.

Everything points to speeding

At the moment the causes of the accident are unknown, although  everything points to driver speeding, whose vehicle gave at least one bell drive. Said driver, along with his companion, a pregnant woman, have been transferred to a health center to check their status.

The deceased cyclist was a native of the Sevillian town of Carmona, although he lived in Isla Cristina, a municipality where the driver of the vehicle is also a neighbor.

From Triathlon News we send our deepest condolences to your family and friends

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