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An 19 cyclist dies in a competition by sending him down the wrong path

The young cyclist was participating in a test where he was looking to become a professional

According to the website stickybottle, com the cyclist of 19 years Stefan Loos He died last Sunday in a cycling event, the Alfred Gadenne Memorial, when he suffered an accident.

Everything happened after it was mistakenly sent to a group of 30 runners down a wrong path and out of the competition, where 3 cyclists crashed into a van while passing a junction.

The emergency services quickly took them to the hospital but Stefan's injuries were too serious and his death was confirmed a little later.

The interim reports show that the injuries suffered in the head have turned out to be fatal, although an investigation has just begun.

image002-14 A cyclist of 19 dies in a competition by sending him down the wrong path News cycling
stickybottle / Stefan Loos

Belgian cyclist Stefan Loos was part of the Acrog-Pauwels Sauzen-Balen team and lived in Dessel Belgium.

One of the managers of the deceased pilot's team, Jef Roberts, commented.

«A very tragic news, Stef Loos was a promising cyclist of the team and was the victim of a serious accident. Along with two other runners, Stef was hit by a truck and suffered serious injuries. The group of three cyclists was incorrectly sent by a signal man at a crossing that was not secured, a van pushed them to the side. Stef had been with us for years and was very popular. "

From Triathlon News we give our deepest condolences to family and friends

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