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The civil guard calls for citizen collaboration to "hunt" those guilty of setting traps for cyclists

These types of traps are very elaborate and are a danger to cyclists, as they have the purpose of harming.

The Civil Guard has published on its social networks a tweet asking for citizen collaboration to find people who have set traps for cyclists in the bush.

Unfortunately, finding traps on the roads, put on to prevent cyclists from passing It is becoming more frequent, and the Civil Guard knows it and wants to try to stop it.

These traps are dangerous and are only meant to do damage

These types of traps are very elaborate and are a danger for cyclists, since they have the purpose of doing damage.

They are usually a series of skewers with sharp edges and welded to legs so that they are very firm, if a cyclist, biker or walker falls on top of that the consequences could be dire.

What to do if we find a trap?

In the case of encountering a trap, the first thing to do is remove it from the road (if possible, if not signpost it well) and then take a photo, to be able to report it to the Civil Guard

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