The cycling tour "La Indurain 2020" will be disputed with sanitary measures

The Indurain has published its second official statement regarding the current situation of the test, confirming that the test is going ahead.

The march has presented to the pertinent authorities all the necessary information together with the proposal for health and action protocols.

2 distances

The march offers cycling fans the possibility of participating in 2 distances 100 and 180 kilometers

March 180 kilometers

The cycling tour "La Indurain 2020" will be held with sanitary measures,img_5eec817673902

March 100 kilometers

The cycling tour "La Indurain 2020" will be held with sanitary measures,img_5eec816c560dc

What measures have been taken?

The health protocol for action has been carefully designed following the indications of the Health Institutions, the World Health Organization and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, establishing the following measures:

  • Health prevention training and protection elements for the more than 100 workers on the march.
  • Disinfection continues of surfaces for collective use.
  • Adequacy of infrastructure of the march to the safety distances.
  • Minimize contacts between staff and participants and of the participants among themselves (special protocols in delivery of bibs, exits through drawers, maximized slogan, change in the provisioning system during and after the race)
  • Medical Isolation Protocol of suspected cases.
  • Information protocols for the broker.
  • InIncrease in walking time.
  • Mandatory by the participant of wear a mask before departure and after arrival.
  • Mandatory by the participant of rfill out forms and acceptance of the new conditions in the development of the test.

Here you can find the document with the health protocol

Will it not be offered?

In favor of offering the maximum health security, The organization has carried out some changes that affect the program of the event.

Se they will eliminate protocol acts, the maximum capacity in the test spaces yse will restrict public access, plus suppress some of the usual services such as:

  • Showers service
  • Post-race food service
  • Cycling fair
  • Signature control.
  • Family walk with Indurain

In relation to the jersey, orders will be placed the day after the march and will be delivered by mail over the next few months to the address indicated in the registration.

All this with the intention of maintaining the celebration of the test and enjoying a day of cycling in Villava with Miguel Indurain, who will continue to be close to the runners as always, maintaining the main hallmark of the test and thanking everyone for their efforts. participants.

Miguel Indurain will accompany the cyclists

Indurain will accompany all cyclists as usual during the march, keeping their distances and always complying with the health protocol.

In consideration of the runners already registered, the march has communicated that all those runners who cannot participate or who for different reasons decide not to attend this year, may request a refund of their registration less € 5 corresponding to the management expenses accumulated until the date

 In addition, the full amount will be returned automatically to those who have purchased tickets for meals.

Said communication with those registered will be made via email so that all interested parties can either request a refund of the amount, or keep their registration active by accepting the new sanitary conditions under which the development of the test will be carried out.

The deadline to carry out the management is until next Friday, June 26.

The organization has also confirmed that, if the march were to be suspended for any event related to the COVID19 Pandemic, the return conditions will be maintained until the last week.

If the suspension occurs during the last week, the costs incurred in the return would be € 10.

Along with all the published information and indicated protocols, both the organization and the technical management are aware and optimistic about the possibility of carrying out the development of the event on the scheduled date and that by complying without exception with the health instructions, all runners can enjoy a great day of cycling in Navarra with Miguel Indurain.

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