The Indurain will be held on July 18 with 1.000 participants

The proof was presented yesterday

Miguel Indurain presented yesterday at the Banco Santander headquarters in Pamplona Indurain 2020 which will take place next saturday July 18 in Villava.

It will be the first Post Covid-19 march

It will be the first popular date of his specialty in the post Coronavirus era and will have all the sanitary security measures and the sponsorship of Banco Santander, in its firm commitment to the comeback of popular sport.

The Banco Santander ambassador was very satisfied that the test has managed to stay on the calendar, with a new format according to the indications of the Health Institutions, the World Health Organization and the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation, and that It will honor the champion on the 25th anniversary of his last victory in the Tour de France. «It was a very intense year, very beautiful, but also very hard.

I spent many hours on it and there is the award, "said Miguel Indurain.

Martín FIz will debut in the cyclist with Miguel Indurain

The test will also have the participation of Martín Fiz. The Banco Santander ambassador will change the shoes for the bicycle, which will be his official debut for a cyclist.

Martín Fiz will accompany Miguel Indurain, along with the former cyclist, on this occasion Joseba Beloki, among others.

One more year, La Indurain will have a 100 km short gear y another 180 km long with departure and arrival in Villava, the native town of Miguel Indurain.

The organization has limited to 1.000 registered for this edition.

Cyclists may go in pairs, keeping a distance of 10 meters if you go behind and overtake looking for the maximum distance, while the capacity in the test spaces will be limited and access to the public restricted.

Miguel Sabalza, organizer of the event, stressed that «The institutions have given us the OK and we as an organization will comply with all health safety measures.

The output will be staggered from 8 in the morning and depending on the average speed that the participants want to carry.

The use of a mask will be mandatory at departure and arrival and you can withdraw 200 meters from it. We adapt to the new reality and continue to enjoy ».

Banco Santander and its commitment to the comeback

Indurain 2020 becomes a new sporting challenge with Banco Santander.

Will third great challenge led by Banco Santander at the start of the new normality for the Covid-19, after the celebration of the Reset Santander de Valdemorillo (Madrid) and the # 123aRemontar Barcelona with the participation of Miguel Indurain in both races.

The sponsorship of Banco Santander wants to encourage and inspire the comeback from all over the country for the well-being of companies and families. Banco Santander has not ceased to promote the practice of sport during confinement with multiple online actions and in the return to normality, it continues to lead and promote healthy lifestyles to continue helping people in their day to day.

His mission continues to be helping people and businesses prosper.

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