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The woman who was accused of running over three cyclists in Palma is the driver's girlfriend

It was delivered several hours after the outrage was delivered in court

Last Saturday, a tragic accident took place in Palma, where a vehicle hit 3 cyclists and then run away.

According to the web reports, the investigation opened by the Local Police Department of Palma has concluded that The woman who self-accused of the outrage is really the driver's sentimental partner.

He surrendered saying he was the mother of the driver

From the moment he surrendered in the court of guard, assuming responsibility for the accident this woman, he did providing erroneous information about your identity, since at first I reported that was the mother of the ductr, statement that has been denied.

The vehicle involved in the events is in his name, but it has been proven that at the time of the outrage it was her boyfriend who was driving and carried all the documentation in order. Even so, he decided to leave the scene and not help the wounded.

This point makes researchers suspect that He was not fit to drive.

The next day, the boyfriend surrendered, but without the possibility of testing him for alcohol and drugs

The next day, and once the woman's version was dismantled, the man appeared at the San Fernando barracks assuming the responsibility of the accident without being able to practice the breathalyzer and drug test because more than 24 hours had passed.

The woman will be charged with a crime of cover-up.

Police sources have confirmed that the woman will be charged with an alleged crime of concealment and another obstruction to justice.

For its part, the driver faces a crime of reckless driving resulting in serious injuries and other from Failure to provide relief and of not facilitating his identity.

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