The reflection of Perico Delgado # PorUnaLeyJusta. The promises are carried by the wind.

The week of the 12 to the 16 of November (2018) will begin to discuss the new reform

Pedro Delgado, makes in his web a reflection of how is the nueva Penal Code reforml that will be discussed soon and where its driver Anna Gónzalez He does not agree with her.

More than a year ago, the reform of the Criminal Code in relation to traffic accidents was approved unanimously in Congress. The initiative comes thanks to titanic effort made by Anna González, booster of the platform #PorUnaLeyJusta, to defend the victims of traffic accidents before the reform carried out in 2015 and where the victims were mainly left in the hands of insurers.

Anna is one of the visible faces of pain, of impotence, of the damage that reform of the 2015, makes the victim a double victim. She has been able to speak with all the political parties and ask them to change that Law. They all gave them not only good words, but hopes that a great part of their ideas would be collected in the future Reformation. Agreeing to all the parliamentary groups was being diabolical, but the good reception in all of them, gave him a plus of energy, so that another victim of circulation did not suffer the same thing that he had to live to her.

It seems that the week of the 12 to the 16 of November (2018) is finally going to start that new reform and Anna is bringing the devils. Once again, the promises are carried by the wind and the new wording leaves much to be desired of what has been spoken with #PorUnaLeyJusta.

Anna González, promoter of #PorUnaLeyJusta does not support the text that is being prepared, because it does not bring great changes. More of the same.

To give an example, they have removed from the sleeve the word "fortuitous" in the escape or in the crime of abandonment of aid. So a driver who runs away, and if they catch him, with saying that the accident was fortuitous (blaming the pedestrian, the cyclist ... who crossed him suddenly, or who was dazzled by the Sun or another occurrence, does not pass nothing with the omission of aid What the politicians wanted was to punish abandonment, not the cause that had caused the disaster.

Anna feels that the PSOE has betrayed him, "now they are Government, the expectations that had given us reforming the criminal law in the most common injuries, will be maintained, alleging that the courts are saturated".

That is, when someone commits a traffic infraction and injures or kills someone but, that if there is no alcohol, no drugs or especially reckless driving, it would stop being a serious imprudence, it would happen to be light, what is in an 90% of the accidents and therefore, you stay in the hands of the insurers, with your cabinet of experts in these procedures, in front of the pain and feeling of helplessness of the victim, the feeling without guilt of anything is to be double victim

. The one who commits the accident has much more support than the victim or his relatives, thanks to the advice of your insurance. On the other hand, if there was a criminal procedure, the victim would have on his side the prosecutor and all the machinery of the state.

The excuse is that they do not want to collapse the courts and instead of putting means to those courts (the workers of the Ministry of Justice have been demanding more means and personnel for years). But it seems that governments do not care that justice works, leaving the weak ones helpless.

The fact is that with this new Reformation, the victims are going to remain equally defenseless. It is not a vindication of cycling, here we are all pedestrians, cyclists, motorists or motorists as victims on roads and streets.

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