The UCI cancels all events on the international calendar until further notice.

They are suspended from March 15, 2020 and until further notice, but at least until April 3, 2020.

According to reports is cycling, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has decided cancel all events on the international calendar and suspend all classifications due to the pandemic of the coronavirus

This influences the rankings for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In a statement, explain why this measure «Guarantee the maximum protection of the health of all the participants in cycling events and sports equity among the participants«.

Urges cancellation of all risky country events

Thus, the highest organism of world cycling urges «expressly to the organizers to cancel any cycling event on the UCI International Calendar in territories identified as at risk by the WHO«.

They are suspended from March 15 until further notice, but at least April 3

In the same way, it freezes the rankings from this Sunday until, initially, April 3.

"Ssuspension of all classifications for all events on the UCI International Calendar, in all disciplines, from March 15, 2020 and until further notice, but at least until April 3, 2020.

By freezing the points during the indicated period, the UCI preserves sports equity for Athletes"Says the statement.

The suspended Giro, The tour and the Return waiting for how the pandemic evolves

On March 13, the Giro organization decided suspend the test I was going to comment on May 9.

In a statement from the organization, they have indicated April 3 as the day on which the new date will be known.

The Giro began this year in Budapest, but after the restrictions of the Hungarian government to prevent the spread of the pandemic in coronavirus we will have to wait for its celebration.

More than 100 cancellation requests

Regarding the international calendar, the UCI has registered to date over a hundred requests for deferment and cancellation, and the list grows day by day.

For professional road cycling, the UCI consulted with the organizations representing the organizers (AIOCC), the teams (AIGCP) and the riders (CPA).

It will communicate the reassignment of new dates, but without any guarantee

Regarding requests for postponement of events, «the UCI will communicate at a later stage the possible reassignment of new dates, according to the possibilities offered by the UCI International Calendar but without any guarantee ».

Finally, the UCI insists that it "fully trusts the competent authorities to contain the spread of the virus"

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