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Lance Armstrong organizes a 5-day "Tour" in Mallorca and costs $ 30.000 per person

I could do it to ease the debts he has since he admitted his doping

The North American exciclistaor Lance Armstrong has organized a Tour of the island of Mallorca, to raise funds and alleviate the debts he has had since he admitted his doping

Lance has published a tweet on social networks inviting to share with him and his compatriot George Hincapie a 5-day tour of the island of Mallorca.

The Move Mallorca 2020, 12 seats ,. $ 30.000

The 'The Move Mallorca 2020' Tour only has 12 places available, costs $ 30.000 and includes meals, accommodation, bicycles and all kinds of sports equipment for excursions around the Island.

With this new project, the athlete could face the financial debts he has since in 2013 he admitted having dopped to win his seven Tours de France.

On the registration page it is commented

«Lance Armstrong has never led a cycling tour like this, until now. George Hincapie will join Lance as co-host of "The Move Mallorca 2020".

We invite you to join this incredible experience as one of the 12 guests, it will surely sell out quickly.

Mallorca is a paradise for cyclists and the tour will feature the iconic walks on the island. 5 days trip with Lance and George, all accommodations will be included, Pinarello bikes, cycling kit, receptions, meals, support and amazing memories. Again, there are only 12 seats.

Tour selection begins January 20«

You can check the event page at the following link: https://www.outthereadventuretravel.com/the-move-mallorca-bike-tour/

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