Alberto's call to the fans: "You have to see it from home to avoid risks"

Alberto Contador appealed to cycling fans to continue the return

Yesterday, on Eurosport during the broadcast of the Italian iro stage Alberto counter called on cycling fans to follow the tour: you have to watch it from home to avoid risks

After Simon Yates was positive for coronavirus in the turn and faced with the uncertainty that this test or other tests could be suspended or canceled due to the pandemic, Alberto commented to fans:

"ANDIt is interesting to comment to the fans facing the return to Spain, that it is true that it is exciting to see a race, at the foot of the road, that in the end it is a unique experience, it is a party, when you go with friends with trusted people.

But given the complicated situation we are experiencing, I honestly believe that the most sensible thing to do is to enjoy it through television.

We are going to have a luxury participation, we have a beautiful tour, we have a tremendous piece of return to Spain ahead

I sincerely believe that it is the best in this case, even to us, who were going to go to some stages, to renounce it so that we can live a beautiful show and that it can be performed without problems »

Source: video » Eurosport»


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