Q Virtual & Bike is born, an online cycling club

What if you did this professionally guided cycling workout regularly?

It was created Q Virtual & Bike, within the sports training and education services page Quality Performance Lab.

Q-Virtual Bike is a online cycling club, where they propose to train together thanks to the virtual platforms, in addition to staying the weekend to shoot and be able to meet in person.

"It is not only virtual, we will also do cycling trips and trips"

The current situation we are experiencing has made us see the need to be connected with our friends and colleagues to continue enjoying the training, he has also allowed us to see the benefits of indoor training when we can't go outside.

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Virtual cycling training

Now it has been forced, but many times it is due to lack of time, or simply that the weather does not accompany it.

«We have realized the need to be connected and enjoy training with friends»

What if you did this regularly cycling training guided by a professional?

You are not talking about a spinning class but about cycling training with short, medium and long-term objectives that will help you in your preparation, and that in addition to doing it during the week, will guide you on your weekend routes.

«Train from home, the office or the gym with your friends and guided by a coach»

All trainings will be planned by two coaches Graduates in CCAFYD with a Master's in Cycling and in training with the Spanish Cycling Federation.

Also, they will be uploaded on your platform Training Peaks so you know what the "Training of the day" is and be prepared for it.

Q Virtual & Bike is born, an online cycling club ,img_5eaa6a882b33d
View of a virtual training

«Train with qualified professionals»

You can also enjoy the benefits of its collaborators, with preferential treatment in brands such as 226ERS, Austral, RD Socks, Addictive Eyerwear….

A different way to enjoy cycling has come to stay Q Virtual & Bike, encourage yourself to try it, write to us at hello@qualityperformancelab.com

Further information:   https://qualityperformancelab.com/

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