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The new information panels of the Cyclists Safety Plan

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Some of the measures in the Cyclist Safety Plan are already being implemented on Spanish roads

These are some of the messages that we can see on our roads from now on.


The first information of Security plan which were announced by the DGT were the following:

- More safe cycling routes, awareness and surveillance campaigns.
- Application for loss of validity of driving license for repeat offenders of alcohol and other drugs.
- Upcoming new awareness campaigns on radio and television.
- They are going to signal 49 new safe routes for cyclists that join the existing 56 already.
- The use of Comobity, the app that protects cyclists and has 21.000 users and 58.000 notices.
- Commissioning of a Special Surveillance Plan with aerial and terrestrial means coordinated with AGT.

What do you think of the measure?

Photos @DGTes


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