Potatoes and sticks with nails, sticks, cables at neck height, etc ... the new traps for cyclists in Galicia

Once again we have to echo this type of news, where again cyclists are the center of bad intentions of some citizens.

According to Antena3, several mountain bikers in the Ribeira area (Galicia) have denounced the appearance of new traps for cyclists in the middle of the mountain in these last days.

"Sare crazy or brainless that cause this type of actions that can do a lot of damage. With that cable or trap you can kill a person«, Denounces Juan Carlos Muñiz, cyclist from the Galician Cycling Federation.

Among the most dangerous is the laying of cables from one side to the other of the trails at neck height, something very dangerous when driving at high speeds with the bicycle or motorcycles.

In the following video you can see the complete news.

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