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The significant increase in doping in cycling is worrying

Cycling has gone from 13th position to 5th

The Movement for a Credible Cycling (MPCC) has published a report in which it warns that “2019 has seen a significant increase in doping in cycling”, So it raises the alarm on this issue.

According to the published report, "In this last year we have noticed a break with the trend of the most recent past”, In relation to the figures that, until now twelve months ago, indicated that cycling, contrary to what happened in other sports, was seeing the use of doping substances among its professionals being reduced.

Cycling has gone from 13th position to 5th

"This sudden increase was also observed in men's and women's cycling, and in track and road cycling, ”the MPCC officials continue to expose.

Without a doubt, the most clarifying data on this increase in cases is that it reveals that, in the classification of positive findings, “cycling has gone from 13th to 5th position in just one year".

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Triathlon appears on the list with 11 cases of doping

From the MPCC remember that “eThe year 2019 was marked by Operation Aderlass, which revealed the existence of an international blood doping network that involves several sports and more particularly cycling".

In the same vein, the report states that “it is not ruled out that more names will be revealed soon to add to the seven known cases in our sport (6 men and 1 woman). ”

Despite this, it is confirmed that “it isThe police operation, carried out in close collaboration with the investigators of the AMA (World Anti-Doping Agency), alone does not explain the vertiginous increase in the number of infractions.

In addition, it served as a reminder that doping can spiral in all teams, including those committed to the MPCC".

When explaining this increase in the number of cases, from the MPCC indicate that “Two hypotheses are being used: first, a renewed interest in doping and second, the development of better doping tests".

Source: The MPCC warns of the "significant increase in doping" in 2019

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