Pro Cycling Manager: A virtual Duel with two pros from the Euskaltel Euskadi team

It is a new online tournament that confronts gamers with professional cyclists from the new Euskaltel Euskadi team.

 The absence of cycling competitions due to the COVID-19 will find a perfect alternative with the celebration, starting tomorrow May 28, of a innovative virtual tournament, of which no precedents are known, that It will bring together dozens of gamers with two professional riders from the Euskaltel Euskadi team, Peio Goikoetxea and Mikel Bizkarra.

Today begins this first virtual cycling tournament Organized by the Euskaltel Foundation, organization of the Basque operator Euskaltel that has just announced its alliance with Virgin Telco for the Spanish market.

The simulator chosen for this event is Pro Cycling Manager, which recreates with great realism the different events of the world cycling calendar and allows players to fully immerse themselves, both to design the strategy of the stages and to fully address the sports management of professional teams.

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Pro Cycling Manager: A virtual duel with two pros from the Euskaltel Euskadi team, blank
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The grand final of the competition, in which the best four will participate Gamers classified in the preliminary phase and the two professional cyclists of the Euskaltel Euskadi team, will be broadcast on streaming through Youtube and it will be "cast" (commented) by various analysts, including active cyclists.

The initiative has had a great reception by fans, since all the available places have been exhausted in a few hours.

Those registered have been divided into four groups, which will compete to obtain one winner per group.

The four finalists will win a smartphone and the right to participate in a unique event on May 29; share the online game with two professional cyclists of the stature of Peio Goikoetxea and Mikel Bizkarra, also regular Pro Cycling Manager players.

In fact, the realism of this game makes it a favorite with both the international squad racers and the team managers themselves.

The tournament is organized by the Euskadi Foundation and the Euskaltel Foundation, as a continuation of the various face-to-face and virtual events that it has been organizing both in the world of lanpartys and eSports competitions.

The organization

La Euskaltel FoundationIn addition to the, it also organizes a whole network of parties IT, which include the Euskal Encounter from Bizkaia, the Arabian Encounterfrom Vitoria, the Gipuzkoa Encounter from San Sebastián, the Technium R Encounter of Ourense and the XGN R Encounter from Silleda (Pontevedra).

The objective of these events is always to promote the connection between people, companies and initiatives in the context of the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

To this end, it organizes multiple meetings each year with the aim of sharing knowledge, ideas and values ​​among different groups: clients, companies, employees, entrepreneurs, young university students and different NGOs, among others.


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