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They steal the data of the 63.000 users of Bicimad, the bicycle rental service in Madrid

The EMT has denounced the attack on the Police, which occurred last Monday by an unidentified offender

As reported by daily abc, the data of about 63.000 users of Bicimad They were discovered last Monday after a new "hacking" of the system.

The offender, still unidentified, had access to names and surnames, balance information and, presumably, the security of the service, although the purpose of the attack is also unknown.

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT), dependent on the Area of ​​Environment and Mobility and responsible for the management of bicycle rental, reported the facts to the Police that same day, in addition to taking measures to address potential vulnerabilities in the network.

The attack through the Wi-Fi of 8 stations

The intrusion was made through the eight-station Wi-Fi and was detected because on the screens installed at street level a series of unusual letters and without any order or sense.

Municipal sources detailed that although the "hacker" yes was able to access the balance of each of the accounts, but no to bank transactions, so in principle the theft is ruled out

Discarded the economic damage to the users, however, there was a direct damage to the system and municipal coffers, taking into account the expenses associated with hours of work, operation and equipment.

From Environment and Mobility they indicate that for the moment they are unaware of the amount of these inconveniences and that they are still to be assessed, as well as their commitment to report the news of the case in the different channels.

Ongoing research

The police investigation is now focused on determining who is behind this attack on Bicimad's software and what the criminal's claims were. Beyond these inquiries, EMT has shut down the system to ensure data security.

This operation, which will last a week, explains the problems of users in recent days. Thus, the rental of bicycles will continue to work, but balance refills cannot be made or new customers can be registered.

The Department of Environment and Mobility, led by Borja Carabante, tells ABC that the facts are an example that the municipality of Bicimad by Manuela Carmena was "without auditing contracts and systems", a procedure that, as they defend, would have allowed detecting failures of this type.

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