Los 10.000 del Soplao is canceled for 2021

You can request a refund of the registration fee or leave it for 2022

The organization of The 10.000 of Soplao has tried until the last minute to hold the test in this year 2021.

However, considering the current health situation and the impossibility of assuring participants that the event can take place under normal conditions, has decided to postpone the event to 2022.

They have waited until the last moment

The responsible they considered until the last moment different alternatives that ranged from the date change (they worked for weeks to carry out the test during the month of August) to the possibility of separating the event by modality in different locations, an option in which several scenarios were studied to accommodate the departure and arrival of athletes.

However, in the current health circumstances, it seems impossible to offer participants full guarantees that "The Cantabrian Hell" can develop in the safety conditions required by a massive event of these characteristics, attended by athletes from twenty different countries and all the provinces of Spain.

Postponed to 2022

Therefore, with the aim of causing them the least possible damage in the preparation and ensuring their safety at all times, the Organization of Los 10.000 del Soplao has chosen postpone the event to the year 2022.

More than 6.000 registered

The fact that, despite the pandemic that is devastating the entire planet, more than 6.000 participants had already formalized their registration makes the organizers proud of the trust they have placed, but it does not make them lose the sense of responsibility that has led to Los 10.000 del Soplao to become an international sports reference.

Return or save the registration

Participants may choose to request a refund of their registration or save it for Los 10.000 del Soplao 2022, which will be held on May 20-21 and June 4 in the case of road cycling.

Those who wish to request the amount of their registration can do so by sending an email between February 24 and March 11 to the address [email protected].

The Organization will proceed to refund the amounts in order of arrival of the couriers.

Raffle among those registered 2022: bicycle, GPS and trail shoes

After March 11, if the athlete has not requested a refund, they will be considered automatically registered for the 2022 edition, also accessing the draw for the following products (images are attached):

  • A NORCO Search XR Carbon Apex 1 gravel bike, valued at 3.000 euros.

A multidisciplinary TWONAV GPS (valid for hiking and cycling in the same device) with Gorilla Glass screen and autonomy for more than 20 hours.

  • 6 pairs of trail running shoes from the prestigious specialized brand ALTRA.

These products will be raffled off next Friday, May 21, 2021, the day on which, under normal conditions, the test should have been held this year.

More information http://www.diezmildelsoplao.com/ 

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