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A cycling tour in Spain is suspended due to lack of funding

The Vuelta Aragón will not be held at 2020

The lack of support from the public institutions of Aragon and the financing problems condemn the cycling event just two years after its return to the international calendar.

Only two editions after his resurrection and return to the international calendar the flame goes out again from a test that he had earned the amateur and professional recognition of cycling after its organizational, promotional and sports success of the 2018 and 2019 editions.

The support obtained is not sufficient to guarantee its viability

According to iforma the newspaper the Herald "The Aragonese Cycling Federation announces that the Vuelta Aragón in 2020 going to do a parenthesis, because The support obtained is not sufficient to guarantee its viability”Begins the official statement from the entity in charge of the technical direction of the race.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) had already reserved a date for it in the international calendar for next season: May 15, 16 and 17.

The Territorial appreciates "the firm and determined commitment of Turismo de Aragón and the Ministry of Vertebration "allowing their recovery and" the rest of the entities that have collaborated during these two editions".

Lack of financial support is the main cause of this suspension, eventual and provisional, according to what is understood in the federative statement, but which leaves the future wounded to the test, in a process identical to the one that cost it its continuity in 2005.

In its official note, the Aragonese Cycling Federation, which in recent months has worked on the design, structure and logistics of the race as if its continuity was guaranteed, underlines the success of the 2018 and 2019 editions, both in “quality "As in" participation ", within the international cycling panorama"

For the DGA it is "unfeasible"

The Government of Aragon, through its General Directorates for Tourism and Sports, considers that an upcoming edition of the Vuelta is "unfeasible".

Both departments "had announced that they would maintain their support for the celebration of the Vuelta, which resurfaced thanks to the commitment of the Government of Aragon, but it is unfeasible for them to assume what the rest of the institutions have contributed to date," said sources from the regional government.

Both from the Tourism and Sports areas of the DGA "call for collaboration between institutions so that the event can continue to be held in future editions."

In the last two editions, 2018 and 2019, the Vuelta Aragón earned the recognition of professionals from different areas of cycling. Runners, judges, sponsors, teams… Both were a sporting and promotional success, with the stages broadcast on Aragón Televisión and Eurosport, with extensive media following.

The objective was to increase by 2020 the presence of World Tour teams, of the highest category, a limited aspect in recent years due to the coincidence of dates with other prestigious races such as the Giro d'Italia (May 9-31) or the Tour of California, although the suspension of this American race for 2020, scheduled between May 10 and 16, opened a new horizon for the qualitative improvement of participation.

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