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The Festibike is suspended, although it maintains its cycling events


El Festibike, the bicycle fair that was going to be held in Las Rozas (Madrid) from September 11 to 13 will not have an edition for this 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through social networks, the organization has issued a statement explaining the suspension in addition to confirming that yes go ahead with planned activities, only the fair will be canceled.

Two of its most emblematic tests will be held: the Madrid Cyclocross Cup and MTB FBK Marathon

This is the official statement


The current situation of the pandemic in our country does not guarantee the organization of a safe and controlled fair

Given the continuous outbreaks and current state of insecurity, the bicycle sector and Lastlap have preferred to be prudent and not take risks

Festibike continues with the organization of its two most emblematic events: the Madrid Cyclocross Cup and MTB FBK Marathon

The negative evolution during this summer of the health crisis generated by COVID-19 is forcing the postponement and suspension of numerous events. In this situation it is time to be prudent and not take risks.

Both the Festibike organization and the bicycle sector have preferred to defend the non-celebration of the fair at this time and if the situation improves, it would be postponed until the month of November. We are aware that the current situation of the pandemic in Spain does not guarantee the organization of a 100% safe fair.

But Festibike wants to continue with its main program of activities and intends to organize its two most representative events on the scheduled dates.

As happened last year, with Festibike the national cyclocross season will start again. This start of the CX 2020-2021 campaign will also coincide with the first round of the Madrid Cup of the specialty where the great Spanish cyclocross riders will also meet.

The test will be held on the morning of Saturday September 12 with different departures according to the categories to be played (Elite, sub23, junior, master 30-40-50 and 60). The circuit will be located in the Navalcarbón pine forest and will have a rapid route of 2.700m.

An event format suitable to comply with all the health measures and protocols proposed by the authorities. As it is a test with several small groups of 50-60 cyclists, these prevention and protection measures are more feasible to comply with and control.

On the other hand, on Sunday September 13, the MTB Festibike Marathon will be held, coinciding with the 3rd round of the SCOTT 7-Star Circuit. Las Rozas and its surroundings will be the scene of a spectacular tour that hopes to bring together a large number of bikers.

Tests aimed at both popular cyclists and more specialized and professional bikers that consist of two routes of 35 and 68kms that take place in an unbeatable environment. Demanding and fun routes in an environment of nature and great beauty where you can enjoy the best mountain bike.

Undoubtedly, a complicated year for the organization of events and sports events where Festibike has also been affected, although it will continue to keep its flame alive thanks to the dispute over its main activities. "

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