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Tomi Misser climbs to the top of Kilimanjaro (5.895m) by bicycle

The Uhuru Peak has risen, with 5895 meters high above sea level, the highest peak in the entire African continent.

The conquered peak is the Uhuru Peak, with 5895 meters high above sea level, being the highest peak in the entire African continent.

Tomi Misser has managed to reach the summit of mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, with his bicycle Orbea Occam and his travel companion, the camera Horacio Cabilla.

According to Iberobike, after several days of struggles against the inclement weather, the great effort to be made and the height problems, Tomas Misser and his travel companion have successfully crowned the highest peak in Africa

He has used the Orbea Occam

The bicycle used for the ascent, both pedaling and carrying with it on slopes on the steep slopes and on the snow of the summits of Kilimanjaro, is the Orbea Occam, a double-suspension bicycle of 140 millimeters of Trail or Enduro route with which you now expect to enjoy the beautiful descending to the base camp.

During the ascent he has used a development with a plate of 32 teeth and a pinion of 50, and despite being in top form since he has won the World Downhill Championship and that of XCO in the same weekend, the altitude, the cold, the days without sleep and fatigue take their toll.

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