The UCI bans the "supertuck" stance

It is one of the measures that the UCI has taken to guarantee the safety of cyclists

After several accidents suffered in the peloton in recent years, it has forced the International Cycling Union (UCI) to establish some stricter rules in order of give more safety to cyclists.

Accidents like the Fabio Jacobsen in the sprint of the first round of Poland or the fall of Geraint Thomas In the Giro after slipping with a bottle thrown by another cyclist are some examples of falls.

In addition, it has prohibited position popularized by Froome in the 2016 Tour. Although there is no known fall related to this type of position, the decision has been made to ban it in competition.

The UCI considers that that position reduces balance and control of the bicycle and that is why it will not be allowed again in an official competition.

The "'supertuck"It is an aerodynamic posture that allows the cyclist to achieve up 17% more speed, rest a bit on the frame.

Another measure that has been taken is that cyclists have already they will not be able to throw the drums or waste on the road and points will be established for this every 30 or 40 kilometers.

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