A cyclist injured by a shot by a hunter in Girona

A hunter has wounded a cyclist with a shot in the leg when he was traveling from Massanes (Girona) to Riu Clar.

As reported elcaso.national a man has shot a cyclist and has wounded him in the thigh and in the hand while

The hunter was participating in a wild boar hunt.

The cyclist was riding his bicycle on a path in a mountainous area when suddenly he was shot hitting him in the leg making him fall, also injuring his hand in the fall.

Realizing what happened, the hunters themselves notified the Mossos of the accident

The emergency services went to the area of ​​the events, transferring the cyclist to the Josep Trueta hospital in Girona

The agents seized the hunter's weapon and subjected him to the breathalyzer test, which was negative.

The Rural Agents and the Mossos investigate the causes of the event.

Initially everything points to an accident, although it is not ruled out that there may have been an imprudence on the part of the hunter.

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