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  • Lanzarote cycling tour

A cyclist retrieves his bike after 3 years, thanks to social networks

They have also located the person who has been supposedly using them these years.

According to iberobike, a Galician cyclist has rrecovered his stolen bike after 3 years thanks to social networks

The local police of Poyo, published last September 26 in Facebook I was looking for the owner of an abandoned bicycle.

In addition to finding the owner they have also located the person who has allegedly been using them these years.

In the Post you can see the images of the silver bicycle, abandoned in a park without a padlock, The police next to the Post provided a phone number and an email in case any neighbor of the town had knowledge of the owner.

After locating the owner, he recognized his bicycle and after several investigations, the police managed to find the person who had been using it for these three years

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