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A driver tests positive for drugs after driving a cyclist and running away

The detainee was located by a patrol of the Ertzaintza shortly after in the parking of the airport

As reported by the A 41-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday accused of run a cyclist and run away in Loiu. The suspect, who gave positive in a drug test, was located by the Ertzaintza shortly after the collision in the airport parking lot. The victim did not have to be transferred to the hospital, but suffered vseveral bruises as a result of the accident and had to be attended by health personnel.

The accident occurred at seven in the afternoon this Wednesday in Loiu. A tourist hit a cyclist who was driving on the BI-3707 road. After the accident, the driver fled the place, heading towards the airport. Where it was finally located.

A patrol identified the driver, who tested positive for drugs, and charged him with driving under the influence of narcotic substances. The person under investigation was transferred to police offices to carry out the corresponding procedures and must appear before the judicial authority when required.



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