A Spaniard makes the first Everesting Vintange

He has used a bicycle with more than 30 years that weighs 13 kilos

This weekend Jose Nicolas Uribe Mayor, Cartagenero, 48, has completed a new Everesting. With this, there are already 14 since in December 2017 the Everesting challenge began.

Having all ride modalities under his belt, including the triple everesting with + 31.150m., which was a world record in May last year devised this weekend that has been especially particular.

It's about a "Vintage everesting”, That is, on an old bicycle. For this he has used a BH over 30 years old, Early 80's, which has been standing in garage for 15 years.

The state of it can be seen in the photographs.

The bike weighs 13 kilos

The current road bikes are around weights between 7 and 9 kilos and the most common developments are 39-52 or 53 teeth on the plates and 11 sprockets 11-30 teeth. This weighs 13 kg and the development it has is 42-52 and 5 pinions 12-24.

Cycling experts know that it is not a comfortable development to face a long climb, it comes to be similar to 39 × 22.

This condition is an added plus of difficulty to a challenge that is already considered extremely hard in addition to the 4 or 5 kilos that weighs more than today, regardless of the comfort of current materials.

The chosen place, El Portman

The segment chosen on this occasion has been the stretch of West Portman by the famous “horse's tail ”. It is a section of about 3 kms considered smooth 5,5% of average slope, although it has some ramp between 8 and 11%.

Without much previous maintenance of the bicycle, only cameras and covers in good condition and some oil in brakes, gear levers, pedals and not too much in the chain faced the challenge.

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The challenge Vintage everesting

It started with some fear in the first descents because of the uncertainty that the bicycle could start somewhere, maybe the fork.

These were conservative in speed because using the brake a lot caused a lot of vibration on the fork which also transmitted to Uribe vibrations, but of another type, "bad vibrations".

With the passing of the hours, after gaining confidence with the tracing of the curves, during all the remaining descents he managed to minimally touch the brake only on the last curve, that of the horse's tail.

The first climbs were also made with caution without squeezing too much since the bottom bracket has “slack” and the pedaling is not round, as well as little confidence in the resistance of the pedals which he did not want to replace by respecting as much as all the material out of the era

Oil and spare parts of pedal, as well as another bike of the time, but in better condition, he took in his car to avoid abandoning exclusively due to mechanical problems.

314 kilometers in total with a 42 × 24 development

314 kms in total in "fixie" mode since it has only used the 42 × 24 because from the beginning it had the change voluntarily blocked to avoid problems of involuntary movement of the chain to the next smaller sprocket that would only serve to increase the hardness in pedaling, which would not interest at all.

The large 52-pinion plate did have it available, but using it on the descent did not have practical utility since with the 24 pinions of the rear wheel they hardly transfer force in the pedaling, it is the commonly called “grinder” effect.

Almost 24 hours to complete it with an average of 17,9 km / h

Almost 24 hours have needed to finish it, since it has needed to take more frequent breaks than usual to be able to recover.

Halfway through the challenge, he already noticed that the hardness of the challenge on this occasion was considerably higher than others with similar characteristics but with current technology (it tells us that it normally maintains strength better - power or watts - during an everesting in a similar segment.

Finally, thanks to this, he managed to ensure that the average speed was not low by registering 17,9 km / h.

The world's first recorded Everesting with a bicycle over 30 years

It is therefore about first Everesting of the world registered with bike over 30 years and as a curious fact he used clothes of the time, of his childhood / youth.

There are currently up to 9 different types and Uribe has already requested that this modality be included in the official Everesting challenge (everesting.cc) with the regulations devised by him.

It has been the hardest everesting on a physical level that he has performed to date (not counting other modalities such as double and triple everesting since the only physical comparison is not simple).

It belongs to the Murcia Randonneurs Sports Group, Long Distance Club or Ultra Cycling. 

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