A master sanctioned 8 years for "facilitating" doping

For the "promotion, incitement, contribution, instigation or facilitation of the conditions for the use of prohibited substances or methods"

As reported Ciclo21, Jose Manuel Moreno Moreno, one of the sub-23, elite and later most famous masters in the Spanish calendar during the last two decades, has been sanctioned with eight years by AEPSAD, the Spanish Agency for the protection of Health in Sports.

This sanction was not for having tested positive for prohibited substances, but for the promotion, incitement, contribution, instigation or facilitation of the conditions for the use of prohibited substances or methods ”.

Therefore, article 22. 1 of Organic Law 3/2013, of June 20, on the protection of the athlete's health and the fight against doping in sports activity has been violated.

A master sanctioned 8 years for "facilitating" doping ,img_5f59b854a5445
Sanction of José Manuel Moreno Moreno

During his competitive time he gave 3 positives

The former Kelme under-23 rider, Paternina elite and Orquín master in his last competitive period, added three positives in different seasons.

It did not have a permanent sanction since the rule of repetition of sanctions was not in force.

The Valencian -which became model of an advertisement for the Tour of Spain dressed in a golden jumpsuit - he no longer competed - he has won countless races and laps of master's degrees - and he worked in a company in the La Safor region where he was allegedly arrested by the Civil Guard last year.

Subsequently, a search was made at his home where, apparently, prohibited substances and cash from the sales of these products were seized, according to sources consulted by this means.

Months after the events and the investigation, AEPSAD, aware of the investigation, has sanctioned it until May 31, 2028, being the Spanish athlete who will be without a license for the longest time.

2 more positives in Master

In addition, the Andalusian masters have been sanctioned Juan Jose Mata Astorga y Norberto Fernandez Clavijo after two positive without specifying substances.

The first one - from San Pedro de Alcántara (Málaga) - is unable to compete for 3 years and 6 months until December 30, 2022.

The second, from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) and former leader of the Andalusian ranking, until August 28, 2023 after four years of punishment.

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