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A serious 34-year-old cyclist after being hit by a drugged driver in Pamplona

In the alcohol test, the driver, who was unharmed, was negative. In the drug, positive in cocaine and cannabis ..

As reported by the navarra diary, a 34 year old rider rThis was a serious injury this past Tuesday at noon in Pamplona after being hit by a crosswalk for tourism, whose driver tested positive for cocaine and cannabis.

The Pamplona Municipal Police Squad Team is in charge of investigating the circumstances of the attack.

The event occurred at 12.15:XNUMX on Tuesday at a pedestrian crossing on the Badostáin road, the one located between a gas station and the Beloso Police Station.

The vehicle came from Mendillorri and after taking the roundabout it continued towards Pamplona. At that time, a young woman of foreign origin living in Pamplona was crossing the crosswalk on her bicycle.

The cyclist suffered a severe blow to the head and was classified as a serious injury.

It was hit by tourism and hit the front moon hard. It fractured, and then it hit the ground. He suffered a severe blow to the head.

An ambulance transferred the young woman to the Hospital Complex of Navarra, where she was entered in Observation. In principle, it was listed as serious injury.

Agents of the Municipal Police of Pamplona went to the place and were in charge of the report of the event, as well as regulating traffic in the area.

In the alcohol test, the driver, who was unharmed, tested negative. In the drug one, positive in two.

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