(Video) The floods cause a fall in a cycling test for Juniors in Catalonia

The runners of a junior team suffered a multiple fall due to bad weather conditions.

According to the newspaper 20 minutes, the team time trial of the Tour of Penedés, which is being held these days in Catalonia, was marked by the multiple fall of one of the participating groups due to a huge water raft. Cyclists found a gigantic puddle after taking a curve and they ended up going to the ground ... or, rather, to the water.

The images, captured from the motorcycle of the realization, show from the first moment the danger faced by the runners of this junior team due to adverse weather conditions, which flooded numerous places in Catalonia this Saturday.

Taking the curve under heavy rain and at high speed, the runners were surprised by the raft of water, which stopped their bicycles and ended up throwing them to the ground. Only one of the four runners managed to continue without falling.

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