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(Video) What does a cyclist feel when he is overtaken by a truck?

A video shows with the smoke of an electronic cigarette that occurs.

Everyone who has ridden a bicycle and has had a very fast vehicle and without respecting minimum safety distance of 1 meter and a half he has felt the sensation of the push of the wind that makes the control of the bicycle to the cyclist lose control for a moment.

In the event that he does a truck multiplies, even reaching power totally destabilize and fall to the ground even if the safety distance is maintained.

The iberobike website has published a video that demonstrates in a very visual way the air movement What does a truck do when passing near a person

In the following video you can see through the smoke from an electronic cigarette, as it affects the air even more than 1m50 away.

In this other video published in the comments of the Tweet, they put a recording of an overtaking

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