The return will coincide 5 days with the Giro d'Italia

The final part of the Giro d'Italia will coincide with the Tour of Spain

The International Cycling Union has released the provisional calendar for the rest of the year, where the dates on which it will be held The return to Spain.

A few days ago, it was already announced that this year's edition will would reduce to 18 stages, since this year was going to start in the Netherlands.

Now after the publication of the UCI World Tour calendar we know that around 2020 It will be held from October 20 to November 8.

The Vuelta and the Giro d'Italia overlap 5 stages

The new World Tour calendar also reflects thel change of date of the Giro d'Italia between October 3 and 25 and it will coincide five days with La Vuelta which will take place between October 20 and November 8

La Vuelta returns to the Basque Country

The Vuelta this year will begin with a stage between Irún and Arrate Eibar and will end in Madrid on Sunday, November 8

The Vuelta was scheduled to take place between August 14 and September 6, departing from the Netherlands, although due to the Covid-19 epidemic it has been forced to change its date

The director of La Vuelta, Javier Guillén, wanted to highlight his "satisfaction" with these new dates

 “We have to try to make necessity a virtue and take advantage of the opportunities offered by this new paradigm. We enjoy a great position in the calendar and we hope to have an exceptional participation, "he explained.

The Vuelta will be held one month after the Tour de France (August 29 - September 20) and three weeks after the Swiss Road Cycling World Cup (September 20 - 27).

The latest lap

With these changes, Lap 20 will become the latest in its history. Held in its beginnings (1935) in the months of April, May and June, it was in 1995 when Unipublic made the decision to transfer the test in late summer.

Until now, the 2001 edition held the record for the latest edition on the calendar. That year, the Spanish round began on September 8 with an individual time trial in Salamanca and concluded with an online stage in Madrid on September 30.


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