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2.500 finishers at the IRONMAN of Hawaii

1.783 have been men while 669 have been women.

Last Saturday, October 12, was held in Kona, one of the most anticipated events by thousands of triathletes around the world, the IRONMAN of Hawaii

In this edition of 2019, they have managed to cross the finish line approximatelye 2.500 triathletes from 74 different countries, where 1.783 have been men while 669 have been women.

We leave you some interesting data, collected by Triathlete.

The average age of the participants in the test has been 44 years

The oldest participant in IRONMAN was Hiromu Inada with 84 years and Dexter Yeats with 74

The youngest participants have been Valentin Carboniero with 20 years and Pauline Anouk Chloé Dauvergne with only 18 years.

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