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3 things you did not know about IRONMAN

Everyone knows the IRONMAN brand and dreams of participating in the IRONMAN of Hawaii. The franchise has delegations all over the world, including Spain.

We have talked with Agustí Perez, Regional Director IRONMAN Spain, Portugal and Italy, where he told us some curiosities that we want to share with our readers. Agustí speaks to us about what they "cook" behind any test of the caliber of an IRONMAN that maybe you did not know.

From participating in the test as a VIP, to the control you have in swimming to avoid accidents are some of the ones you have told us about.

VIP Experience

If you are one of those who like to encourage your own and want to do it from the inside and do not mind spending a little more money, this is for you.

Some of the benefits that IRONMAN offers depending on the test, are access to exclusive areas of the event, that the smallest ones hang your medal, besides being able to get on a boat or motorcycle of the organization to follow the live test

You will have access to Exclusive areas in the race, you can enter with the children to goal, in addition to being able get on a boat or motorcycle of the test to follow the test live

The IRONMAN Vip Experience is designed so that you can enjoy IRONMAN hospitality and comfort on race day, where you will find a wide range of accommodation options for spectators and athletes.

Viewing an IRONMAN or IRONMAN 70.3 event from within is a amazing experience and inspiring and with this Pack you can leave everything in the hands of the organization so that they take care of everything and only focus on enjoying the test.

These passes offer access to VIP areas, as well as exclusive experiences on the day of the race.

In this table you can see what it includes.

For example, the IRONMAN Barcelona offers the following packs:

VIP Race Day Package (100 €):

  • Access to the Welcome Party on Saturday 18 in May.
  • Access to the swimming area on Sunday 19 of May.
  • Access to the finish area on Sunday 19 in May.
  • Breakfast, lunch and snack in the VIP area at the finish on Sunday 19 in May.
  • Access to the awards ceremony on Sunday 19 in May.

VIP Medal Package (250 €):

  • Access to the Welcome Party on Saturday May 18.
  • Access to the swimming area on Sunday May 19.
  • Access to the finish area on Sunday, May 19.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the VIP finish area on Sunday, May 19.
  • Presentation of the finisher medal to your athlete at the finish line on Sunday, May 19.
  • Access to the Awards Ceremony on Sunday, May 19.

You can access the service at the following link:

The all-inclusive in IRONMAN tests with Nirvana Experience

If you are one of those who like to travel in a big way, this option may be interesting for you.

Nirvana is the official IRONMAN travel agency in Europe for a good reason. It has more than 15 years of experience in specialized trips for triathletes, in addition to providing the necessary services that guarantee that all competitors and spectators enjoy their IRONMAN trip in the best possible way.

If you travel with the official agency you can enjoy the following services

  • Exclusive access to registration, even in those IRONMAN events that no seats remain
  • Cancellation insurance of the career, which covers injuries or illnesses;
  • Reservation service for fully protected flights, including bicycle transport;
  • Selection of the best hotels in the town where the event is held
  • Storage of bicycles in the guest room or in a secure storage room of your hotel;
  • Transfer service pick-up and return to the airport;
  • Transport service, if necessary from the location of the event to the accommodation;
  • Professional land transport of bicycles for events in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal;
  • Bicycle mechanics exclusive professionals and masseuses for Nirvana clients.
  • Recognition outputs for the test cycle circuit
  • You can use in the hotel where you stay,  air pumps for bicycles and in the transition area before starting the race

The price of this option depends a lot on the test and where it is located, it is best to look at the official website or contact directly with the organization to be informed of rates.

In short, with this option you can enjoy your goal of the year in a big way.

Control over the swimming outputs of the Test

This is very important for all participants and companions, as it gives a plus tranquility due to the control that the organization has to avoid accidents in swimming, since it monitors all the athletes who will start an IRONMAN test

The organization check one by one the list of registered triathletes who have picked up the number.

But this is not all because the day of the test, they make a count of the triathletes that are before starting the start, to verify that it is the correct number and make sure that the number of athletes who start the test is identical to the one that ends the sector.

Then, call by phone those who know that they have not started the race to check if this has been the case and if they do not respond to the call, they try to locate the emergency contact.

The work that leads the organization of a triathlon it is not visible by the triathlete, but that is why companies of the stature of IRONMAN, with the great STAFF of which they are made up, always work so that everything goes as well as possible, without incidents for the triathletes, which is what indicates the success and quality of their events.

IRONMAN Spain has 8 tests in our country, you can check your calendar in the following link: Calendar IRONMAN Spain 2019

Photo: Getty Images | HOMBRE DE HIERRO

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