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Alistair Brownlee for the Slot to Kona in the IRONMAN WESTERN AUSTRALIA

Alistair Brownlee returns to compete at IRONMAN distance after having achieved this year's victory in his debut in Ireland and the 21º place in Kona.

A new edition of the IRONMAN Western Australia where the British will try to take the victory.

The output list appears Alistair Brownlee, IRONMAN again competes in distance after having achieved victory this year in his debut in Ireland and the 21º place in Kona.

The British, like Javier Gómez Noya, He wants to get the Slot for the IRONMAN 2020 World Championship to surely focus on the Olympic Games, as he said earlier this year, although with Alistair nothing is certain.

On the starting line we find Cameron Brown y Matt Burton second and third last year, Tim Van Berkel, Ruedi Wild o Kyle Buckingham among others.

Start list

Gurutze Frades will also look for the Slot.

The Basque triathlete will look for in the test, which may be her fifth participation in the IRONMAN Hawaii.

You can read in the following link the previous female

Cameron Brown, will seek to lose 8 hours with 47 years

Cameron, 12 times winner of the IRONMAN New Zealand, and with 47 years will try to get on the podium again going down from the 8 hours in the test and if you can get the victory in this test.

The test gives 2 Slot in the female category and other 2 in the male category.

The main objective of Alistair for the 2020 is not clear

The oldest of the Brownlee, has not made it clear if he will be in the Tokyo Olympics, although everything indicates that he will try

This year, he showed a great competitive level since he achieved a victory in all the distances in which he participated (Sprint, Olympic, Medium Distance and Long Distance), getting the European title and the Slot for Kona in his debut in the distance.

We will have to wait for you to confirm it. What is clear is that he will bet on Kona in 2020

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