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Andreas Dreitz wins the IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella with Alistair Brownlee comeback

The Briton has not had any luck and has lost in the 7 bike segment minutes repairing his helmet and his bicycle

Today, the second edition of the IRONMAN 70.3 Marbella has been deputized, where this year there was a large list of professionals.

Alistair Brownlee, he has not had luck today, although he left the water in first position, in the first kilometers of the cyclist segment he realized that his helmet was broken and he was forced to stop to solve it. Then he suffered a problem on the bike that in total made him lose close to 7 minutes in the first 18 km of the cycling segment.

He had doubts about his fitness after the injury that has been dragging has made it clear that he is recovered after the comeback in the cycling sector and the race on foot to finally be in second position. The Briton has made theEdia Marathon in 1: 11: 03 at an average rate of 3: 23 min / km

Ivan Raña he returned to compete after IM 70.3 Campeche just before participating in your first IM of the season taking this test as a test. As for the favorites besides the British and the Spanish they were Andreas Raelert, Andreas Dreitz o Chris Leiferman among others.

Andreas Dreitz , after the incident Brownlee took the lead and left alone to get to the T2 with 6: 30 minutes ahead of Domenico Passuelo. In the 21 km on foot race he kept his advantage to take the victory in a time of 3: 56: 48.

Alistair Brownlee (4: 01: 00) has been second staying at just 4: 12 from Dreitz. The third position has been for Domenico Passuelo (4: 03: 40), recent winner of the Portocolom International Triathlon

Ivan Raña it seems that he has retired from the test in the first kilometers of the foot race

Male classification

1 Dreitz 3: 56: 48
2 Brownlee 4: 01: 00
3 Passuello 4: 03: 40
4 Vandendriessche 4: 05: 21
5 Kalistratov 4: 05: 41
6 Svenningsson 4: 05: 56
7 Giglmayr 4: 10: 13
8 Rundstadler 4: 10: 49

In the female category the victory has been for Laura Phillip in a time of 4: 28: 56 followed by Nina Derron (4: 39: 13) in second position. The third goal has been Marta Bernardi

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