Cameron Wurf beats the IRONMAN Italy record with 7: 46: 54

Less than a month from Kona, the Australian is in top form

Today, a new edition of the Cervia Italia has been held IRONMAN Italy where the fireproof Cameron Wurf has achieved the victory with record included.

The first out of the water was Lukasz Wojt followed by Mattia Ceccarelli at 2:05. Cameron did it in fifth position at 2:09 from the head of the race

In the cycling segment, Cameron achieved the lead in the first kilometers to increase his advantage and reach T2 with 8: 22 over Guilio Molinari and 11: 03 over Wojt.

In the running race Cameron Wurf, with a first part where differences were trimmed, he knew how to manage to increase his advantage in the final part of the marathon and get the victory in a time of 7: 46: 54 also beating the test record.

The second classified has been Jaroslav Kovacic (8: 03: 11) followed by Guilio Molinari  (8: 08: 09) in third position

In the female category the victory has been for Carolin Lehrieder with a time of 8: 48: 23 followed by Jenny Schulz (8: 56 :: 39) and by Mareen Hufe (9: 02: 12) in third position

The times of Cameron Wurf

3,8 km swimming: 46: 39 (1 average: 14 min / 100)

180 km cycling: 4: 09: 30 (average of 43, 47 km / h)

42 km run on foot: 2: 45: 02 (mean of 3: 55 min / km)

In top form for Kona

With this victory is presented in the IRONMAN of Hawaii in great shape and as a favorite.

We remember that Cameron last year managed to beat the record of the cycling segment in kona, with a time of 4:07:30

There are no previous results.

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